Green Leaf Boutique 750 mg hemp oil drops



Green Leaf Boutique’s whole plant extracted (full spectrum) cbd hemp oil is sourced locally in New England and produced using industrial hemp grown in local family owned farms. Our cbd oil contains less than 0.3% thc and is verified by full panel laboratory testing. They believe that less is more – which is why our cbd hemp oil is mixed with medium chain triglyceride (mct) and that’s IT. This allows the oil to be metabolized quickly offering speedy effects as well as the versatility of using orally as well as topically!

Dosing Guide

1 oz bottle = 30 ml bottle = 750mg cbd
1.0ml = 25mg cbd
0.75ml = 18.75mg cbd
0.5ml = 12.5mg cbd
0.25ml = 6.25mg cbd

Serving size 1.0 ml is marked by a graduated dropper for precise dosing. 30 servings per bottle.

Shake, shake, shake well!

*Drop desired amount under tongue, hold for 30 seconds, swallow

*Drop desired amount topically on skin, gently massage in

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NOTE: Not approved by the FDA. Contains <0.3% thc. See FDA disclosure for full details.


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