2nd Annual Torrington Anarchist Bookfair

2nd Annual Torrington Anarchist Bookfair

Sept. 18-19, 2020

Neighborhood-based & online

Stay safe, stay home, and in your own neighborhood! Do something small to resist despair, spread hope for the possibility of grand victories, resist against illegitimate authority, and grow personal & local autonomy!

The theme of this year’s Torrington Anarchist Bookfair is: “Strategic Alliances Between People of Different Beliefs and Ideologies – Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, Anarchism, Libertarianism, Patriotism, Pacifism, et cetera”

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! Literary & Visual Artists! ZINE heads!

We’re producing a Zine to commemorate this year’s Torrington Anarchist Bookfair! PLEASE PLEASE, consider submitting something of your own to share! You don’t have to identify as an anarchist – you can just share something you think is relevant to the people of America at this dramatic moment in our history.

We will cover the cost of printing the zines, and will make them available for a suggested donation of $1, and we’ll split any profits with all of y’all! Send submissions to thehummingbirdcafe1@gmail.com!

“How did I become an anarchist? It happened in Torrington, when I was working in the skate shop. Since I had nice handwriting, one of my jobs was to copy orders from slips into a book. One night a man there started to talk against the social system and also against me, because I seemed to be an official doing office work. I agreed with him about the capitalist system and said I was ready to tear it down any time.”
– Bartolomeo Provo

from “Anarchist Voices: An Oral History of Anarchism in America” by Paul Avrich (2005, AK Press)

Freedom of expression is the fundamental liberty of the American constitution. Please join us and let’s talk about anarchism. What are its differences and similarities with socialism, capitalism, communism, etc.? How does it relate to Antifa, Marxism, pacifism, Black Lives Matter, etc.? Due to COVID-19 this anarchist bookfair will be decentralized – neighborhood and media-based. We’re putting together a ZINE (lil’ magazine) for this special occasion. We had fun making zines last year with Olivia, now let’s double and triple down on zines!

For the neighborhood component of the bookfair, there is always the option of a self-guided walking meditation & trash cleanup with distanced, outdoor socialization with neighbors and friends. We can distribute leaflets, zines and even books this way. Tell your neighbors about this event and see if we can make this an occasion for compassion, deep listening and productive dialogue; to navigate through ism schisms and grow strategic alliances with people of different beliefs to defeat our oligarch archenemies and their imperial death machines!

Dialogue and nonviolent conflict management are the keys to accomplishing victories of peace and justice in our world.

The Torrington Anarchist Bookfair is sponsored by the Interfaith Council of North Connecticut.

Can Torrington fulfill its epic destiny to become a bastion of peace and justice? Or will our cruel archenemies of the warmonger class stomp us to our doom? It’s going to take a full-scale peaceful revolution to dismantle oligarchs’ imperial death machines and secure the blessings of peace and liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

Torrington CT has 25+ neighborhoods: Torrington Downtown District (also known as Spruce Swamp, The Pine Timber, The Pine Timber District, Mast Swamp, The Horns, New Orleans Village, Wolcottville, and Torrington Center), West End, West Torrington, South End, North End, Southwest Torrington, East End, North Torringford, Centre Torringford, South Torringford, Burrville, Wrightville, Drakeville, Newfield, Daytonville, Shawngum Valley, Brandy Hill, Newberry Corner, Hall Meadow, Germantown, Green Woods, Highland Village, Heart Hollow, East Branch, and Cotton Hollow.

And Torrington CT has 572 streets (list available here).

Sources: Orcutt, Samuel. “History of Torrington, Connecticut.” 1878. Albany, J. Munsell, printer.

Pape, William Jamieson. “History of Waterbury and the Naugatuck Valley, Connecticut” S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1918

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Plan of Conservation and Development, 2010. City of Torrington. http://ahhowland.com/regulations/litchfield-county/Torrington/planning-and-zoning/torrington-plan-of-conservation-and-development-2010.pdf

If we’re going to make this municipality a resilient, revolutionary hub we must create an environment where every street has neighbors who know each other and share a mutual desire for increased peace and justice in our communities and cultures. In other words, we need revolutionary neighborhoods and revolutionary streets.

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