Irenology & Polemology

Irenology – the science of peace. From Ancient Greek εἰρήνη (eirḗnē, “peace”) + λόγος (lógos, “word; science”).

Polemology – the science of war (conflict). From Ancient Greek πόλεμος (pólemos, “war; battle”) +‎ (lógos, “word; science”).

The game of chess can help illustrate the myriad dynamics of a conflict. Just as different chess pieces have different abilities, unique individuals use their unique skill sets to bolster their causes.

By accepting the conflicts in our life and managing them skillfully we have a greater chance of winning victories of peace and justice.

New England Peace Center

Forming combat units in the war on war should deserve an essay—and later army manual—on its own and this essay shall thus merely explore it. The forming of combat units in the war on war basically forms the backbone of peacefare as warfare 2.0; that is, war against man’s true eternal enemy, war itself. And if it is acknowledged as natural that man be capable of self-destruction, it is not conceptually far-fetched to consider war be capable of destroying itself either, by evolving towards the war on war.”

from “On the ‘War on War’ in Modern Geopolitics” by Idriss J. Aberkane
This article is noteworthy for its imagination, invoking the terms “peacefare,”
“peace profiteering” and “peace-industrial complexes;” in opposition to traditional warfare, war profiteering and military-industrial complexes.