Torrington City Council Festival – Tuesday, Feb. 21

Everyone is invited to the biweekly Torrington City Council Festival, Tuesday, Feb. 21 at 6:30pm at Torrington City Hall, 140 Main Street, Torrington CT.

Whether or not you go to the city council meeting, this biweekly festival is an opportunity to meet up outside, to build for life, liberty and the pursuit of property and happiness, and to organize for real peace and justice. Meeting spaces available include outside city hall, and at other public spaces such as Torrington Peace Garden, the Main Street sidewalks, Franklin Plaza, and Patterson Park.

We the people of planet Earth are waging revolutionary nonviolence, for real justice and real peace, against systemic injustice and structural violence. Torrington City Council Festival is at 6:30pm. Arrive a few minutes early to organize and etcetera.

Hacky sack is available as an activity, as well as mindfulness, meditation and prayer, and other fun stuff. Bring food and drink in reusable wares for consumption alfresco (outside).

A few years ago, CT state officials dropped the tagline “Still Revolutionary.” As a result, Connecticut is now “Still Still Revolutionary.” It is the duty of every person to be revolutionary for real justice and real peace. This requires more than convicting Tyre Nichols’ killers, it means dismantling all systemic injustice and structural violence around the world. We will briefly discuss the book “Revolutionary Nonviolence: Organizing for Freedom” by James M. Lawson Jr. and share thoughts about nonviolence, and how to advance nonviolent revolution in Connecticut.